b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer Innovationpriority for customers. AZL is active in the development of the right test benches to better cope with road noise and strives to acquire the necessary data to validate simulation models. The company also develops tests not only on the full vehicle level but also for the isolated suspension system levels, such as testing only a front or rear suspension system separately on the chassis dyno. Finally, AZL is exploring options to transfer these component and system test results into the simulation world asintensify our focus on the system and part of the products digital twin. Tocomponent levels; the same is true for achieve an accurate digital twin, theoptimized development cycles due to the simulation model needs to be fed withnew homologation processes, says accurate data.Schilp.Next generation vehicles require newIn the best-case scenario, the development processes development starts with setting up The concept of a digital twin goes hand- simulation models. AZL builds special in-hand with the growing trend in thetest bench capable of testing NVH on the industry. Instead of testing the final fullcomponent and system levels with vehicle, physical testing takes placecarefully described boundary conditions. earlier on the system and componentAs a test-bench manufacturer we levels. This approach can significantlyprovide our customers with clear shorten the vehicle development cycle asguidance, says Schilp. it affects the AVs and EVs producers, who are pushed to re-think and innovateTo accurately acquire the test bench the development process. data, AZL relies on Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions Simcenter For EV development, we try to step backTestlab software in conjunction with from full vehicle level development andSimcenter SCADAS hardware, which is 39'