b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer InnovationRising to the Challenge: Designing the Next Generation of Traction MotorsFigure 3: Analytic calculation-based efficiency map of an IPM motor using Simcenter SPEED (left) and surface nodal force distribution of a modified IPM using Simcenter Motorsolve automated model creation (based on designer inputs of geometry, winding, materials, etc.) in a matter of minutes. The low overhead is essential for exploring a large number of design candidates quickly, while allowing for innovative and atypical topologies to be considered with respect to rotor and stator geometries, winding configuration, material choices and cooling system types. Aside from quick design exploration there are a number of important simulation capabilities neededFigure 4: 3D demagnetization analysis of an axial flux motor using Simcenter MAGNETat this stage. accurate efficiency calculations, lowfield solutions and 2D/3D demagnetization Firstly, obtaining fast performance resultsfidelity multi-physics analyses and links tomodeling analysis are needed, are critical for evaluating various designs, adrive design and system level engineeringrespectively. The demagnetization key objective at this stage. For this,tools.modeling capability should be able to magnetic circuit based semi-analyticmodel the effects of minor loops and the models are ideal. Simulation tools basedDesign validation and multi-physicsrecoil behavior of magnets due to elevated on this approach can calculate theanalysis temperature or from system faults. complete machine performanceOnce a single or a few designs have been characteristics in ~tens of seconds.selected for further analysis, 2D and/or 3DOnce the electromagnetic performances However, as the number of candidates issimulations are carried out for validatinghave been validated, fully coupled EM-TH reduced higher fidelity performancethe machine performance, refiningsimulations are needed. Coupled evaluations are required since modelinggeometries to optimize the fluxsimulations may be carried out using non linearities, slotting and other effectsdistribution and reduce leakages,empirical heat transfer coefficient or CFD cannot be taken into account adequatelyanalyzing system faults including 3Dbased approaches. For NVH and structural using the magnetic circuits baseddemagnetization prediction, sensitivityanalysis, surface nodal and interface force approach.analysis, coupled electromagnetic-thermalinformation are exported from 3D models.simulations, structural analysis and design A Finite Element Analysis (FEA) basedoptimization. From a software toolsOvercoming the challenges simulation tool within a template basedstandpoint, at this stage the highestIn this article the end-to-end environment is ideal. In addition tofidelity modeling methodologies areelectromagnetic design of a traction motor standard motor performance resultstypically used. For most problems thishas been described focusing on the (torque, power, efficiency, torque-speedimplies FEA based tools. challenges faced by contemporary and characteristics, etc.) an FEA based tool alsofuture traction motor designers. A typical calculates the machine iron losses,The 3D FEA based tools used at this stagemotor design V-cycle was used to highlight evaluates the effects of permanentshould utilize model reduction capabilitiessome of the main modeling capabilities magnet demagnetization, carries outto minimize simulation times. This impliesneeded to overcome these challenges. coupled electromagnetic-thermaltaking advantage of model symmetry,Advances in computational simulations to identify machine hot spotsboundary conditions and the applicationelectromagnetics, the application of HPC and calculates the surface nodal forces andof non-uniform or adaptive mesh settings.to electromagnetic and multi physics their harmonics for NVH analysis. High Performance Computing (HPC) maysimulation problems, state-of-the-art NVH greatly reduce the solution times of someanalysis software and the connectivity To summarize, access to magnetic circuitproblems as well (Litz wire modeling or forbetween the different tools are helping to and FEA based simulation tools in a6-DOF motion modeling problems). Toimplement novel and innovative design template based interface provide the idealobtain the highest accuracy level resultsparadigms and for creating state-of-the-art platform for design space reduction, fastand to ensure design robustness,digital twins of traction motors. nmachine performance evaluations,hysteresis solver based electromagnetic 93'