b'Engineer Innovation | MarineTeamcenter, NX and Simcenteropen really is one of the most powerful installations are up to speed and adaptedaspects for us.to the growing infrastructure of Cox Marine.Another aspect that the designteam appreciates is the seamless Stability and seamless integration:integration between TeamcenterTeamcenter and NX for the Cox designand NX. The best way to explain is that team it is practically invisible, says West.Cox Marine is on the fast track when itThe guys in the team fire up their comes to growththe softwareterminals, fire up Teamcenter and fire implementation and the design processup NX, open the data they need and get run in parallel. Luckily, the design team,on with it. led by Julian West, principal engineer, is full of experts from F1 racing,West was quick to credit the Siemens motorsports and aerospace. Liketools with keeping its bill of materials everyone at Cox Marine, they arecomplete and accurate. For the first passionate about designing andtime in our business history, we have engineering things that go fast. Thetotal control over the total content of our tools that support this team need to bebill of materials, West says. If you have one step ahead of the game as well.thousands and thousands of parts and Most of the team have solid NXyou are relying on a team of humans to experience, but, especially on the designbuild something, humans are humans, side of things, implementing theso you will make mistakes. Since turning complete Teamcenter and NX backboneon all those fancy tools like change changed the way the team worked.control, the vast majority of errors have gone away. We have a large product with 6,500 part numbers in the total outboard, saysConfidence in the digital twinsWest. For guys working on big sectionsLike many high-end engineering all day, just letting the tool do its thing,environments, there is an air of friendly working all day without constantlycompetition between the design and crashing or freezing with big assembliesengineering teams at Cox Marine. 62'