b'Engineer Innovation | Automotive & TransportationAZL realize early system optimizationGerman acoustic expert uses Siemens solutions to enhance electrical and autonomous vehicle developmentAddressing emerging NVH challenges Emerging NVH challenges in AV and AZL, a German acoustic test benchEV developmentmanufacturer and engineering consultantAccording to Andreas Schilp, managing serving the automotive industry sincedirector, AZL-Technology Center GmbH, 1999, recognizes the ongoing challengesthe development of AV and EV brings related to electrical vehicle (EV) andthree main challenges and opportunities autonomous vehicle (AV) development.into play: To tackle the new noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) development needs, AZLFirst, high frequency structure born is implementing innovative technologiesnoise becomes more important with EV, such as component-based transfer pathmeaning that bushings and mounts analysis (TPA) and model-based systemneed to be developed with the proper testing (MBST).stiffness characteristics in this frequency range. New test benches that can handle With these technologies in place, AZLthis need to be developed. builds special test benches addressing emerging NVH challenges to provideSecond, as the combustion engine, a their customers with innovative testingvery important masking source at low procedures resulting in informationspeeds, has disappeared, the structure outlining how to optimize the AV and EVborne road noise is significantly more NVH performance in much earlierapparent. Due to that, the development development stages.of good suspension systems is a high 38'