b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer InnovationDr. N. Karuppaiah is the additionalsafeguard public health and limit the director and site head of NATRAX. In thisimpact of traffic growth and the role, he is tasked with finding solutionsresulting noise pollution. They set for the challenges associated with roadlegislation and impose norms on vehicle transportation, including the necessitynoise emissions which lower acceptable for reduced noise emissions. noise level limits for both vehicle pass-by and tire rolling noise levels. These norms Reducing the noise at its source is theinclude pass-by and coast-by noise most effective noise abatementtesting procedures as prescribed by the approach, says Dr. Karuppaiah. TheInternational Standards Organization complex and pervasive problem of noise(ISO). These tests are regulated mainly pollution has no single solution. Itby the United Nations Economic requires a combination of short,Commission for Europe (UNECE), which medium and long-term approaches andpromotes global harmonization of careful consideration of the nature ofvehicle regulations. Apart from the noise source.maximum noise levels for combustion engine vehicles, minimum noise levels State-of-the-art facilities are imposed for hybrid and electrical Pass-by noise testing designates avehicles. These make a very limited mandatory procedure which certifiesamount of noise at low speeds and that current and newly developedimpose safety risks for bicycle riders and vehicles do not exceed the noisepedestrians, especially children and the emission limits sets by local andvisually impaired.international rules and regulations. Governments and regulatory institutionsNATRAXs noise testing track is split into worldwide take various actions totwo surfaces. The first surface is 77'