b'Engineer Innovation | Power & EnergyFigure 5: Example process diagram to be used for automated model creationFigure 6: Plug-in launched from within CAD environmentIn case of larger systems the effort is reduced from a few months to a matter of few minutes. The larger the system and the number of components, the higher the ROI.Lin Chao,Department of Process Systems,SNERDIDesign is not simply geometricalMoving beyond the traditionalvia its APIs which was used by SNERDI drawing or routing layout modeling, butworkflows to a more integratedengineers to integrate CAE into a also understanding the implications ofapproach leveraging digital data andseamless single interface within their such choices on performance and safetymodels is an industry wide trend. APlantCAD environment (Figure 2).to create viable and useful products.seamless integration of analysis into the The purpose of CAE is to optimize anddesign process is key to realizing the full3D System Modelimprove design based on itspotential of CAE. Simcenter FlomasterA process system model that includes performance and function. supports full product line developmentP&ID and 3D piping model of CAP1400 24'