b'Automotive & Transportation | Engineer InnovationEnsuring efficiency and reliabilityThe instrumentation and physical testing involved in TPA are time consuming, Randle notes. However, the process delivers significant data and with Simcenter Testlab we have data acquisition combined with data processing on one platform. That means we obtain instant results when we are out testing on the track and can make immediate decisions to move the development process forward efficiently.Its one thing creating a software that is mathematically correct, that is a given, Burnett says. Its far more difficult to design a piece of software that can be implemented effectively within a With Simcenter Testlab we have commercial environment and, with Simcenter Testlab, Siemens has done that very well. data acquisition combined with Electrification, alternative fuels anddata processing on one autonomy are increasing the complexity of vehicles, Fell observes. It is impossible to physically test every useplatform , that means we case and, although we expect physical testing to increase, we expectobtain instant results.simulation to grow even more quickly. That is why the validation of simulation models is extremely important. Our useMark Randle of Simcenter SCADAS hardware for dataNVH Team Leader acquisition means that we canHORIBA MIRAefficiently measure the NVH behavior of vehicles, cross-check with simulation results, make reliable recommendations to our customers and ensure that we maintain our leading role in the marketplace. n75'