b'Marine | Engineer Innovationteam of four or five people. Over thedesign capabilities and SimcenterSoftware plays next few years, the team worked on thesoftware for comprehensive digital twin alpha and beta engine versions inand performance simulation.partnership with Ricardo. In 2014 thea huge role in current CEO, Tim Routsis, a formerThe Siemens tools are used by a large Cosworth executive and a serious racingproportion of our staff. We are also usingunderstanding insider, joined the company and starteda Teamcenter integration framework to to push Cox Marine into the market as aintegrate the Siemens platform into our global player.ERP solution, explains Tony Ferrier, headhow to of IT at Cox Marine. Teamcenter is used Over the next five years, engineers andby most of our employees. It is at theoptimize and experts from all types of fields fromvery core of our business. It holds all our marine and automotive to motorsportsdesign infrastructure, so it talks to our and aviation joined the team. EveryoneNX systems. Teamcenter manages all ourdesign shared a single credo: a passion for fastdocumentationall our bills of engines and the belief that Cox Marinematerials. This information drives thestructures. could change the marine industry forprocess all the way from design and the better. engineering to our manufacturing process and production facility.There are so Translating this passion and vision into a high-performance reality posed manyEnter the channel partner: OnePLM many elements technical challenges, and getting it rightGetting the whole process up and was mission-critical.running didnt happen overnight. Coxto considerMarine counted on Siemens Solution We had to make something as small andPartner OnePLM, a recognized Smart light as a car engine, but as strong andExpert partner, to help implement theJoel Reid robust as a big truck engine. Softwareright tools at the right time and to bridgeGlobal Sales Director plays a huge role in understanding howthe digital backbone and ecosystem intoCox Marineto optimize and design structures. Therethe companys ERP and production are so many elements to consider,solutions properly.explains Reid. Digitalization for Cox Marine is the opportunity to stand out inOur IT systems seem quite complex for a the crowd. small startup, but as the company grows, it is very scalable, Ferrier says. We wont Enter the game-changer: digitalizationneed to make any major adjustments in And digitalization is where tools fromour infrastructure. Looking forward, we Siemens Digital Industries Softwarecan go from making tens of engines per enter the picture. Specifically, the teamweek to making thousands of engines per relies on digitalization tools from theweek if required.Xcelerator portfolio, including Teamcenter software for end-to-endThe experts from OnePLM are onsite integration, NX software for seamlessregularly, making sure that the 61'