b'Engineer Innovation | Geek Hubinside the kettle. For more information Temperature 393.63 F about the flow we will look at cut plots Temperature 420.40 F of velocity.This image to the left, has been taken at the center of the grill. The section has 500.00 been taken in a such a way that both 457.00414.00 vents have been avoided. In this section 371.00 there is no air leaving or entering from 328.00 the vents. The temperature distribution 285.00242.00 is quite uniform, we do see a few 199.00 localized hot spots and they are about 156.00 45F higher than temperature near the 113.0070.00 chicken. This difference could become Temperature [F] significant factor if the food is cooked for a long time. The image below shows a section taken at one of the vents. We clearly see that distribution in this section is not very uniform. There are a few things that contribute to this, the bottom vents are placed directly below a few coal pieces. The top vent and the bottom vent line up, so, air can enter the bottom vent and leave through the top vent without circulating inside. This is the reason we Assumptions and setup:and gravity. Radiation plays a big role ina large hot spot starting at the coal and For this study, we will be using athis study as a significant amount ofgoing all the way to the top vent. The uniform distribution of charcoal on theheat leaves the charcoal in the form ofleft-hand side if this image shows the rack. Some research was completed toradiation. Due to this, special attentionhot air leaving the grill, on the right-find out the temperature at whichhas been paid to the emissivity value ofhand side there is still recirculation charcoal burns. Abhishek Vanapartithe metallic components of this grill.going on. with Auburn University published aThe color of the top and bottom kettle paper characterizing two types of coalhas been assumed to be black. AllTemperature distribution on the (instant light vs. slow burning). Themetallic parts are assumed to be madeoutside surface of the grill:temperature of charcoal has beenof steel. While looking at the image below we obtained from this paper. Thecan see that the temperature temperature measurement was doneThe analysis been split up into twodistribution on the outer surface is not when the charcoals reached a graysteps, grill preheating and the cookinguniform. Hot air leaves through the top condition, typically charcoal is ready tostage. This is done to mimic the wayvents (1) and we can clearly see that be put on the grill once this condition iswhich food is typically prepared on theregion at a higher temperature. On the reached. We are also assuming thatgrill.bottom kettle the lower vents are lined charcoal maintains temperature for theup with the top vents, so, when we look duration of our experiment.Results and findings:at that side of the grill, we see lower Flow and temperature distributiontemperatures than the surrounding The next assumption is regarding theinside the kettle: areas. This could be due to lack of material of the food being put on therecirculation or due to heat being grill. Since meat is made up of severalTo better understand the distribution ofdissipated via the metallic attachment different kinds of tissues and fibers,flow inside the kettle we will be looking(2) that is designed to hold the lid while characterizing the material propertiescut plots and flow trajectories showingopening the grill. The other side of the would have been a daunting task. Forhow air is moving within the grill.grill is shown below with the simplicity, one value of density, specifictemperature probe visible, on this side heat, and thermal conductivity haveBy looking at the flow trajectories wethe temperature distribution on the been selected to mimic the propertiescan see that cold air enters at thebottom grill is much more even.of chicken.bottom and circulates near the coal rack region. There is also a hugeIs the temperature probe a good The grill has been placed in an openrecirculation zone formed by the topmetric for measuring grill environment at an ambient temperaturecover of the kettle. This is a great designtemperature?of 20C. The physics being consideredfeature as more recirculation results inThe temperature probe is typically used are heat conduction in solids, radiation,more even temperature distributionto measure the temperature of the grill. 96'